Swimming at the community center again

I went back and swam at the community center pool for the first time in a long time. I had been involved with the Master swim group for the last six months I think. That session just ended and a new session just started. But at this point I am thinking of discontinuing the master swim group. I am questioning whether I got much out of it. For the most part, I would show up, they would give me a schedule of drills to do. I would swim them with minimal interaction from the coach and then I would leave. I can get swim schedules out of a book or online. I hoped that I would get possibly some one-on-one work to help me improve my swim stroke, but the coaches never got in the water or really helped much with that. So anyway I went back to the community center today and swam for about an hour. I managed to swim about 2650 yards. It felt pretty good. I swam fairly easily, listening to my music, doing freestyle one direction and backstroke the other. I had a lane all to myself for most of the hour then for about the last 15 or 20 minutes shared it with another girl. For the most part sharing a lane wasn’t that bother some, other than occasionally while I was doing backstroke hitting her with my arm lightly or hitting the ropes.

Another benefit of switching from the masters swim program to the community center would be I can train for distances again. And also I can train on different nights that would fit in better with the rest of my training schedule.