Swimming lessons

I talked to my co-worker who teaches the Total Immersion system of swimming at a local YMCA. He was telling me about the classes, and what they involved. The classes are Tuesday and Thursday nights, and go for 8 weeks. They cost $60. Thats a pretty reasonable price. I will have figure out about karate classes as I normally teach karate on Tuesday nights.
He gave me a pass to come up to the Y and check out the facilities, and get a free lesson.

My wife signed up for swimming at our local community center. She bought a 30 pass. I don’t think I have the available time to use the pool enough to make a 30 day pass worth while. If I do go, I would probably buy a 20 visit punch card. With all of my martial arts classes, and scheduled running, and the biking I want to do, I just don’t have the time to squeeze much swimming in too.