Tough workout today

I got up this morning, and headed off to Aikido class. Today’s workout lasted a little over an hour and was a little more strenuous than normal, or at least seemed that way. When I got home, I changed clothes, and jumped on the treadmill. Following a 1/2 mile brisk walk to warm up, I raised the speed to about 5 mph, and ran for 7 miles. Then I walked another 1/2 mile to cool down. Then I changed clothes again. I dragged my bike out, and rode 5.3 miles to the Burger King that my wife works at. I was riding into a head wind the whole way. I had lunch of a Tendergrill Chicken Sandwich value meal with a medium diet coke. Okay, I probably didn’t need the fries, but figuring all the calories I burned today, I think I can handle them. When it came time to ride home, the wind had shifted. Now instead of riding with a tail wind, I had the wind coming from the side. By the time I got near home, the wind had shifted a partial head wind. You can’t win! The last part of the ride was a ride up the hill. A nice little climb of about 400 feet. I am tired! I am going to go soak in the bath tub. Then I need to run off (actually drive) to the store to get stuff for dinner.