Trail running gaiters

I have run the Damn Wakely Dam Ultra the last two years. And both times I have had to stop along the way to empty dirt, mud and rocks out of my shoes. So there is the time used to stop and take them off, and put them back on again. There is also the time while running with junk in the shoes, and the discomfort involved. This year, I decided to get some trail running gaiters. I have found various kinds. But I wanted ones with some sort of fun style to them.
I searched around, and found some made by They have a whole bunch of fun fabric patterns. I have been putting off ordering them. But I finally broke down and ordered a pair. The debated which style to get. I finally settled on “lime gaiteraide hurl”. Part of it was I liked the in your face color. And the name is kind of cool. I will have to get out and do a trial run in them before the ultra. I would have to run 32 miles in them and have them bothering me. Of course, I could easily take them off if things got bad. But still. I will try them before the event.
If you are looking for fun trail running gaiters, check out