Training on vacation

Keeping a training schedule can be difficult while on vacation. Most of my running at home is on my treadmill. I like the treadmill because I can go at a fixed pace. So if my training schedule says to run quarter mile repeats at a 6:50 minute per mile pace, I can set the treadmill to that speed and run at that pace for exactly that distance. If I am out on the road, I have a hard time knowing my exact pace. I can run a fixed distance, but I won’t know how fast I ran until I finish the distance.

I am currently on vacation, and am trying to keep up my training schedule. I have missed a couple days due to other activities. I did a hardcore karate workout that left me gimping around enough for a few days that I skipped my 12×400m repeats last week. But I have been doing my runs out on the hilly road, and have been doing pretty well.

This morning I was scheduled to do six quarter mile intervals at a 6:50-7:30 minute per mile pace. This would have been hard for me to do on the road. I considered trying to find a flat stretch of road and measure off a quarter mile distance and run back and forth on it. Another idea was to see if I could find a quarter mile track at a school in the area.

But I knew my mother in law goes swimming daily and I asked if they had treadmills where she swam. She pointed me to a local fitness club where they are members. My father in law called them and found I could workout there today for $5 plus tax if I brought his membership card.

So I went down there, paid my $5.43, and waited for a treadmill. Most of the people were older and walking. Nobody in the place struck me as an athlete. Anyway I got my treadmill and did a warm up run for 10 minutes at a 12:00 minute/mile pace. Then it was time to get started. Then I began my real workout. I cranked the speed to 6:49 which is the closest I could get to 6:50 pace. I ran six intervals of a quarter mile each with a 2 minute rest in between.

I am scheduled for a 30 minute jog tomorrow, but I am going to skip it. But I have a reason for this. My next run is scheduled as an 8 mile run on Saturday. But I have made arrangements to run with an acquaintance on Friday afternoon. We will probably do 8 or 9 miles.