Tupper Lake Tinman 2009 race report

Helen and I got an early start. I pretty much already had the car packed. I just needed to put the last stuff in, and mount the bike rack and bike on the back. We dropped the dog off at boarding kennel, and headed on our way.
We took back roads. I kept my speed down using my cruise control. Avoids tickets, and saves gas. I averaged over 40mpg on the trip. We stopped at McDonalds and got some breakfast to go. Along the way, we stopped at another McDonalds in Oswego (the one at 230 W Bridge St, Oswego, NY?). I have eaten here many times on our way to and from the Adirondacks. I needed to use the restroom. There was an employee at the door saying the dining room was closed. This was at 11am. I asked if I could just come in to use the restroom. She went to ask someone, then came back and said no. It was all actually kind of rude. I ended up going next door to a gas station/convenience store. I used their restroom, and bought some candy for the trip. I will never eat at that Oswego McDonalds again.
We continued on our way. We stopped at a Subway shop along the way. I bought a footlong ham sub. This would be for breakfast the next day. I always have to remember to have food for race morning. The rest of the drive was uneventful.
We got into Tupper Lake about 2:30. We checked in to the motel (Shaheens Motel), unloaded the car. Was pleased to find they had wifi in the rooms. The website didn’t mention that. Eric was planning to be at registration about 4pm. I took a short nap. About 3:45 I called Eric and found he was in the area. But there was a storm blowing through, and he was going to wait for it to blow over. Helen and I headed down to the park. The wind was blowing, and rain was coming down. The row of porta-pottys was blown over. Wish we had gotten a picture. I ran to the registration tent. There was no one there. I found they had been told to evacuate the tent during the storm. They were all under the pavilion.
After a bit, they reopened, I checked in, got my packet and got body marked. There was food there for the racers, but I passed, as we were planning to go to dinner with Eric. I called Eric, and found he was now in the registration tent. It was great to finally meet my friend Eric who I had never met. You gotta love the internet! I have many friends who I have never met. We went and explored our spots on the bike rack, and found our pre-assigned spots were next to each other. Very cool!
We decided to go to dinner in Lake Placid at a place called Pasta La Vista. Eric’s friend Bob was coming too. Helen and I got on the road and headed towards Lake Placid. We found Pasta La Vista but it was out of business. I called Eric, and they said go to another place called Nicola’s. Helen and I just walked there, and got a table. Eric and Bob arrived shortly. We ordered. The Caesar salad was very good. The waiter recommended the Bolognese Pasta, so I had that. It was just okay. Helen had the Vongole which had clams and linguine. She said the clams were good, but the pasta was missing something. I tried it and agreed. Other than the Caesar salad, the food was unimpressive. I also had to ask multiple times for a refill on my diet coke before I finally got one. The bill showed they charged me for the second coke. Pretty much, I did not like this restaurant and cannot recommend it at all.
We said good night, and we headed our separate ways. When we got back to our motel, I went through the race bag. Not much swag. I got a t-shirt, and a couple samples, and ads for a few races. I got a bib and another number thing that was supposed to go on the bike. There was another little card with my number on it too. I couldn’t figure out was it was for. The instructions didn’t say much about the numbers at all. My bib # was 415. Cool! It had a 5 in it. And the other numbers 4 and 1 added up to 5. Surely a good sign! I got my stuff together, and organized as best I could, and went to bed.
I set the alarm for ugly early. I slept poorly. I was not nervous about the swimming, biking, or running. I was mostly concerned about forgetting something, or screwing something up. So, my brain was going through the transitions over and over.
I got up in the morning. I drank a Pepsi (non diet), and ate part of half a sub. I can never seem to eat a lot before a race. Nervous stomach I think. But I need to eat something. Real food. I loaded stuff in the car. Loaded the bike. We headed down to the race.
I took my bike in. There was supposed to be a bike safety check, but he just sort of glanced at my bike, and let me through. No glaring issues I guess. I racked my bike, then went to the car and got the rest of my stuff. Eric was there now, and I set about setting up my space. Most of my stuff, I left shoved inside a big plastic bag as it was raining. I found the little card with my number on it was a sticker for my bike helmet.