Tupper Lake Tinman 2009 – The Run/Post Race

Now I was back in transition. It had stopped raining, and now was starting to get warm. I changed out of the bike shorts, into running shorts. I put on some fresh dry socks, and my running shoes. I drank a little more Pepsi, kissed my wife, and headed out on my way for the 13.1 mile run. This transition took about 11 some minutes. Again, I wasn’t rushing.
The run started out pretty good. I was not planning on ripping out a PR on the half marathon (mine being about 1:42). But I figured I could take it easy and do sub 10:00 pace and maybe come in around 2 hours. The run course was a meandering hilly thing. Actually, the biggest hills were in the first half. After that, it mellowed out. At about about mile 1.5 I saw Eric coming in the opposite direction. He yelled out “RJ, you’re a rock star!” I have no clue what he meant. But I laughed. I thought he was close to the end of the half marathon, but when I passed that spot on the way back, I realized he was just approaching mile 5, and still had a ways to go.
I started talking to a girl named Kelly about mile 5 or 6 who was running a little slower than me. I decided to run with her, and just take it easy. I wasn’t too concerned about time. So we ran and talked. It was a nice distraction. My legs were tired, and my feet were getting sore. Especially my right heel. It felt kind of bruised and hurt on each landing.
As I said, the course was meandering passing itself in many spots. So we would see runners coming back the other way. One small section was on a dirt road that turned into a single track trail. And another part we crossed in both directions was a short soft sand trail that connected two roads, and crossed some railroad tracks.
The mile markers drove me nuts. I started my Garmin 305 when I crossed the mats. When I reach mile marker 1, my Garmin said 1.30 miles. When I reached mile marker 2, it said something like 2.35 miles. When I finally reached mile marker 12, my Garmin said 13 miles. I know that the Garmin can be a little off. Such as during a 26.2 mile marathon, it will often read 26.6 at the finish. But being a mile off during half marathon? But when we crossed the finish line, my Garmin was now reading about 13.4. So the first mile was marked long, and the last mile marked short. I am guessing the whole course was actually about 13.1 miles the way it was supposed to be.
I finished the run in about 2:25. Much slower than I planned. But I finished the race in about 6:56 which is faster than the 7 hours that I originally thought I might do. I had successfully finished my first half-ironman triathlon. 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, 13.1 mile run.
I kissed my wife, and headed back to the bike rack to get some more Pepsi. I needed sugar! Eric’s bike was still there. I found Eric in the pavilion getting food. I got some food too. Then we went and loaded up our gear and took it to our respective cars and said our goodbyes.
Helen and I went back to our motel. I saw some other triathletes hosing off their wetsuits. I borrowed the hose and hosed off my bike. We put everything in the room. I took a quick bath to clean off the road grime, then I took a nap.
Helen and I went out for a celebratory dinner at the restaurant next to our motel. I had a rib eye steak, and Helen had the prime rib. It had been a long day, and we headed back to the motel.
The drive home was mostly uneventful. We took the freeway instead of the back roads which made for a faster drive.
As for the pain in my right heel. The next day as I was cleaning up my race gear, I found a small hard pine cone wedged into the bottom of the right shoe, right underneath the heel. I am not sure when I picked it up, but I was probably landing on it thousands of times. Oh well!