Tupper Lake Tinman 2009 – The Swim

It stopped raining, and as race time approached, we donned our wetsuits, and bright green swim caps, and headed down to the corrals. I had bought a tinted swim mask as recommended for this race. But I hadn’t had a chance to swim with it yet. And since it was cloudy, I opted for the clear swim mask instead, that I have been using regularly at the pool.
Our wave was set to go at 8:30. We watched as the waves before ours went. Then it was our turn. We went into the water and waited. It wasn’t cold. I put my earplugs in, got my mask on. I lined up to the back and outside expecting to be one of the slowest people. Then the horn sounded. I started the timer on my watch, and started my first open water swim. I started off doing freestyle. I was running into people in front of me. I was not super comfortable having my face down in the brownish water. I couldn’t see where I was going, and the water tasted weird. I flipped over and did backstroke. This was much more comfortable. I just backstroked my way around the lake. I watched the other swimmers around me to make sure I was going in the right direction. Occasionally I would flip over and freestyle which was faster, but after a bit, I would flip back over and return to backstroke. I watched the buoys and the volunteers on the kayaks. I would see swimmers going 90 degrees to the course till they looked around confused and got back on course. Around 2/3rds into the swim, there was a heavy rain which came and went.
As I approached the beach, I did freestyle, and saw the bottom get closer. When my hand touched bottom, and stood up and climbed out. 47 minutes. I figured about 50 minutes, so I swam faster than I thought I would. Must have been the wetsuit. Not bad considering I really only learned how to swim about a year ago. 1.2 miles down!