Walking Pneumonia

Almost two weeks ago, I ran the 3.5 mile Chase Corporate Challenge race in the pouring rain. Three days later I had a raging cold. The cold has hung on. The first days were the worst, with me being barely able to sleep since I would wake up with coughing fits. And I was totally stuffed up. I have since been able to sleep without the coughing fits. But I am still coughing. I have toned down my workouts to easy rides and runs, and cut out the swimming. The running really made me cough.
A co-worker basically told me that I was going to the doctor. I tried to call the doctor Monday, but the office had already closed. So I called them yesterday morning, and got a 12:45 appointment. I went to the doctor, and he sent me for an X-ray which was right downstairs. Unfortunately, they were closed for lunch, and I had to wait until 1pm. And there were a couple guys ahead of me. I finally managed to get my x-rays about 1:45 or so. I went back upstairs to the doctor’s office. He showed me the x-rays. My lungs were mostly clear. Though he pointed out some faint lines. He thought these my be mucus blockages. He prescribed an antibiotic called Azithromycin. He sent the prescription to the Target store where I get my HCTZ.
The prescription was supposed to be ready in about an hour or hour and a half. So I walked over to the Target about 3:30. They had it ready. The girl rung it up, and it came to over $30. Ouch! She asked if I had insurance. I said yes, and gave her my card. The pharmacist said it would be at least 30 minutes before she could enter it. What? I already waited for them to fill it, and now I had to wait to pay for it? I told them I would came back after work.
I came back about 4:30ish. The pharmacist was totally apologetic. She had entered my card. The Azithromycin now rung up for $7. Way better. But the pharmacist gave the girl some coupons, and now it rung up for $1. Way cool!
There were six tablets. I took two yesterday, and I am supposed to take one tablet each following day until they are gone.
I asked a doctor friend of mine (who is a runner/cyclist) if I could exercise with this, and he said no. I need to rest. Ack! I take my last pill on Saturday. I have a very busy day on Saturday anyway. I am walking in a parade, and watching a black belt test.
Maybe I will do a bike ride on Sunday. I am scheduled to ride for 3 hours. Maybe I will do a nice easy 3 hours, weather permitting. Being sick, sucks!