Wii for exercise

Beyond looking for diet pills that work to help them lose weight, many people seeking to drop a few extra pounds also look to other forms of weight management to help them in their battle with the bulge. Some of these other weight loss methods include following strict low-carb diets, while other times they involve engaging in workouts, including using the Wii for exercise.

Even though when most people think of exercise, they imagine getting a membership to a gym or running on a treadmill, sometimes, exercise can be a lot more engaging and fun with the help of video game consoles, like the Nintendo Wii.

Playing Wii Games Might Help with Weight Loss

It may sound silly that video games could help with weight loss, but research suggests that videogames that require people to use motor activity in a social context may be a fun and effective tool to promote healthy weight and encourage physical activity.

That’s certainly was the motivation behind this man’s story, who wanted to help improve his wife’s health and physical activity using Wii for exercise when the console had first launched in the US back in 2006:

I would really love for my wife to get into better shape. She is a little overweight and I worry about her. I originally bought the treadmill for her. She used it a few times, and that was about it. Then I bought her an elliptical. She has used that more, but only very sporadically and only for short amounts of time. Still, she prefers to sit on the floor playing Spyro on PlayStation.

Then I heard about the Wii. There are some games that require a lot of movement. I started researching and found some people have actually used the Wii for exercise to lose weight. I thought that if I got my wife a Wii and a few good games that would require movement to play, I could…um…trick her…into exercising…er…playing the game with lots of movement…

I originally started looking a little bit for a Wii before Christmas, but they were impossible to find. I was told they would be available after Christmas. So, in the beginning of January, I started looking for a Wii. Nobody had them. Store would advertise them, but they wouldn’t actually have any, or maybe they would have only three or four Wiis that would sell immediately. I was calling the place daily, but no one had them. I would check online, and no one had them. Though they were appearing on eBay and Craigs List for highly inflated prices! I wasn’t going to give in to those scalpers! I would also find bundles with a lot of software I didn’t want. Anyway, long story short, I finally got one.

I also researched games. The unit comes with Wii Sports. The boxing and tennis games are supposed to help work up a sweat. I am not sure if my wife will get into those. I found a few other recommended games. Rayman Raving Rabbids; Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Games; and Wario Ware: Smooth Moves. All these games are supposed to require a lot of movement, but be fun also. I have ordered Rayman Raving Rabbids. I am still trying to find cheap used copies of the other two games.

I’m also thinking about getting the Wii Fit because I think she might like it, but the first thing is to get my wife playing the Wii. I am debating about giving it to her for her birthday or just giving it to her right away.

Maybe You Need Diet Pills That Work, Maybe You Need a Wii for Exercise

Everyone’s weight loss journey is different. Maybe your strategy will include OTC diet pills and Wii for exercise or something else altogether. What matters is that you find a healthful diet and exercise routine and stick to it, whether this means going to the gym or playing video games, the trick is to stay motivated!