What Are Thermogenics and How Do They Burn Fat?

Thermogenics have become a hot topic in the world of fat burning diet pills.  But what do thermogenics do? Do they really help you to lose weight more quickly? Do they really do anything to help you shed the pounds? Or are they all hype?

These are very good questions to ask before you invest in any type of diet pill, regardless of whether the claims are that they contain thermogenics or anything else.  Informing yourself about the type of supplement you intend to take is one of the best ways for you to choose the right product, use it safely, and use it effectively.

What Are Thermogenics?

To start, it’s important to know what thermogenics actually are.  Thermogenics are ingredients that, when consumed, increase your metabolic rate by raising your body temperature a little.  This doesn’t mean that you’ll spike your body temperature to feverish levels.  Instead, it is a subtle change.

The process of raising your body temperature is called thermogenesis. Thermogenics promote that process and, in this way, help to support your healthy lifestyle changes for losing body fat or maintaining lost pounds.

This may sound strange, since being warm doesn’t seem to have much to do with fat burning. And no, the claim is not that this extra heat is actually melting fat from your body.  Any claims you read about fat magically melting away like a miracle should be considered dubious and you should move on to the next product.

What Do Thermogenics Do?

Instead, thermogenics make you warmer by using fuel in your body which just happens to come in the form of calories from your food or fat stored on your body. The outcome is that you’ll be warmer, your metabolism will hum along at its best rate, and you’ll even have some extra energy to make sure you’re powering through your workouts at your top performance level.

When your metabolism is where it should be, and you’re reaching your top workout performance level, you’ll know you’re getting your maximum burn every time you stick to your exercising plan. That, combined with a calorie controlled diet will help you to know that you’re consistently burning more calories than you’re taking in, which is the key to healthy fat loss.

Is Caffeine a Thermogenic?

Yes! You’re absolutely right.  Thermogenics aren’t just found in diet pills.  They’re also found in many of the foods and drinks we consume on a regular basis.  Your body will naturally obtain a bit of a boost in thermogenesis when your diet includes things such as:

  • Coffee (full caffeine, not decaf)
  • Tea (provided it contains caffeine)
  • Energy drinks
  • Dark chocolate (with a very high cocoa percentage)
  • Hot peppers (through their capsaicin content)

These are only some of the foods that can promote thermogenesis in your body.  Typically, if it contains a stimulant such as caffeine, or makes you sweat from eating it like hot chilis will do, then you can usually assume that it promotes thermogenesis to some degree or another.

Why Choose Thermogenic Diet Pills Instead of Coffee?

You may be asking why you would ever want to use thermogenic fat burners in diet pills if you could just drink a cup of coffee. After all, if all you need is your favorite caramel macchiato in the morning, isn’t that a cheaper and better way to reach your weight loss goals?

It’s true that you could use coffee drinking to help support your weight loss goals.  In fact, some early research has shown that drinking four cups of coffee per day is enough to have a mild impact on your body fat levels.  However, this is not the same as taking thermogenic diet pills.  There are several reasons for this.  They include the following.

  • Not all cups of coffee contain the same amount of caffeine.  If you’re drinking too much, you could end up with very unpleasant side effects. If you drink too little, it might not help you at all.
  • You must drink the coffee black.  As soon as you add anything at all to your coffee, it may alter the thermogenic effects. This includes non-fat milk, non-dairy milks, stevia, natural sweeteners and artificial sweeteners.  Each of these ingredients plays a different role in your body that could offset the thermogenesis boosting from the caffeine.
  • It can be difficult to make sure you get the right amount every day. If your goal is to drink four cups of coffee every day – keeping in mind that they must be consumed throughout the day, not all at once in the morning – it can be difficult to make sure you have the right amount on a daily basis.
  • Coffee isn’t cheap. For the amount of coffee you need to consume every day, the odds are that you’re not paying less than you would if you chose thermogenic fat burning diet pills instead. This is particularly true if you buy your coffee in pods or single serve cups.

These are only a few of the reasons that coffee isn’t ideal as a thermogenic, despite the fact that it can promote thermogenesis.

How to Choose a Thermogenic Diet Pill

There are hundreds of products claiming to be thermogenic diet pills.  This can make selecting one rather daunting.  As you consider your options – assuming you have talked to your doctor and know this is an appropriate product for you – make sure you use the following information to choose the right diet pill for you. 

The best thermogenic fat burner diet pill will have the following:

  • Clinically researched ingredients – with quality published research to back up claims
  • Well reputed manufacturer with convenient contact information
  • Products manufactured in a U.S. facility
  • Claims you can trust – no promises of miracle fat burning without lifestyle changes
  • Products sold only on well-reputed websites such as their own official site and on retail sites you know and recognize.

When in doubt, always discuss the products you’re considering with your doctor or, at the very least, a pharmacist.  This will help you to know you understand your thermogenic diet pills and will use the right one and do so according to the directions on the label.